“In my best Beavis impression voice.... FIRE FIRE FIRE” - geraldfjordisalive

“Oh Jesus” - WokeAssMessiah

“hes also doing laundry, fuck yeah” - josephhuba

“How to Heck: a Seven part course in synth and swagger” - robby

“no fucking around there.” - DivKid

“im more of a cupcake guy but set me on fire, this is GOOD” - Chase Dobson

“Almost mesmerizing to watch.” - enthusiasticElectron's mom

“oh that's the ultimate Heck mood, nonchalantly drinking water” - forestine

“My neck hurts and I like it!” - zenwires

“That was a bombshell! That was [bomb noises].” - DISMIST

“I need to calm down now” - BenTheGloriousBastard

“i would bury you by the cats that i live with if needed” - eric p

“That he has time to casually take a sip kills me” - Frederick Foxtrott


“how can y'all talk of such soft things at a time like this? darkness has fallen the face of the stream “ - Strange Powers

“ahh man, i love listening to your sounds. It's just the right amount of sweet and the right amount of sassy. I put your stuff under the category of 'the music I want to live in.'” - Dan Egan

“Gimme some of that Acid” - Killian Grant

“oh yay!! heck yes and smoke a bowl” - El Roachy

“wowie look at that beautiful beep boop wall” - dipwith

“PUT THIS OuT ON BC!” - Sine Mountain

“I'm not sure what the fuck that is, but I'm sure it's not a good idea to listen to it.” - GitHub Copilot